Pamela Blum

Professor Emeritus
State University of New York-Dutchess, Poughkeepsie, NY

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Two-Dimensional Encaustic Techniques
Incising, Stamping, Filling
Oil in/on wax
Computer image & photocopy application

Three-Dimensional Encaustic Techniques
Wire mesh construction
Sewing with nylon-covered stainless steel thread
Plaster gauze application
Papier Maché application
Encaustic application
Oil in/on wax
Incising, Stamping, Filling
Computer image & photocopy application

Undergraduate & Graduate Courses at University Level

Primary Disciplines
2D Design
Drawing I & II
Color Theory
Intermediate Color & Light
Painting 1st Year, 3rd Year, Graduate
Principles of Art

Secondary Disciplines
Technical Drawing
Introduction to Microcomputer Applications in the Arts
Independent studies & Thesis Committees: Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Fibers
Graduate course on teaching and teaching job application.

Dossier of Student Projects: Available on request.